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Fantasy, Mythology, Paranormal, Romance, and Poetry  

Zakah Sange

Orphaned after witch hunters invaded his village and killed his mother Stefania Sange. 

He never knew his father, Tanerk Raka. Zakah was raised in the Dakhla Children's Home until he was sixteen. 

It is believed a child born from him and his mate Sorina will be the perfect combination of Saka and Raka making this child extremely dangerous to it's enemies and an extremely useful tool in the inevitable war between the witches and the diavols 

Physical Description- Tall 6'5, strong muscular build, honey colored skin, short black hair and azure eyes that change shades with his moods. 

Race- Raka Diavol 

Occupation- Business man and club owner of Myth 

Mate- Sorina Ruzicka