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Fantasy, Mythology, Paranormal, Romance, and Poetry  

The Myth Series


Beyond the Myth (Prequel) Mid December 2015 (Released)

Beyond the Myth (Book One) Late December 2015 (Released)

Betrayed by the Myth (Book Two) June 2016 (Released)

Raven's Myth (Book One Wolfseeker) Late Summer 2018

Protected by the Myth (Book Two Wolfseeker) Fall 2018

Set in present day Victoria, Romania Beyond the Myth is the first novel in the Myth Series.

The story begins thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt. There is a war that rages undetected from mankind between two races, Saka Witches and Raka Diavols. Both races are a product of one god, the Egyptian Evil Serpent God(ESG) Akhekh. His lust for power and his hunger for world domination fuel this never ending battle.

The Saka Witches are a coven devoted to protecting the innocent beings of the world, despite their heritage. The Saka Sabat was founded by Afina, the daughter of Akhekh after she fled Egypt.

Most Saka were born human, learning how to wield magick from the Demi-Goddess Afina. In the early years of the coven, Afina granted many of her followers with the gift of immortality and shared her power with them willingly. Afina knew she would need an army of warriors to protect the world from her father.

Akhekh impressed with his daughter’s leadership and inventiveness, approached her again to join him. Afina’s refusal angered him and because her powers came from him, the evil god prevented her from giving the gift of immortality to anyone who was not born of his blood.

Afina and Akhekh came to an agreement that each of her descendants would have the opportunity to choose their path, good or evil. The Window of Freewill is presented to each of Akhekh's decedents on his or her hundredth birthday. They have forty-eight hours to make their choice. The catch is, one single evil act seals their fate to Akhekh’s path yet it takes more than one act of good to keep the Saka Witch under Afina’s protection.

However to create a balance in Akhekh's mind any Saka is given the same choice once their powers are fully developed. Meaning Saka who would normally not be immortal are given the choice of immortality if they choose Akhekh and become one of his Raka.

The Raka are a race of demons created by Akhekh. The god of darkness and evil created the Raka to use as warriors in his war against the other gods. The Saka led by Afina and her children battle the Raka year after year to protect mankind. 

There are many myths and legends surrounding the destiny of Akhekh and his daughter. Some believe they will fight for eternity, others believe there is an ancient prophecy that one day a being born of both Raka and Saka blood will either be the Savior the world is looking for or will be the one to cause a reign of terror and bloodshed unlike anything mankind has ever seen before. 

The Prequel of the Myth Series is the story of Akhekh and his mate Baset. The story begins with Akhekh saving Baset only to use her for his own needs. The lines of good and evil are blurred in the Prequel when a life altering deal with Nakht a hired spear is made to return his family.    

The first novel, Beyond the Myth focuses on Zakah, the son of the Raka King and Sorina the great granddaughter of Akhekh. Sorina has yet to undergo her one hundredth birthday’s transition and is unaware of the power she holds inside. Zakah has controlled his Raka nature his entire life but his strength is tested when Sorina’s life is put in danger.

There are a lot of obstacles in their path. Zakah is arrogant, controlling, and an alpha unlike anything Sorina is used too.  Trusts will be tested, lines will be crossed, and a fate neither of them expected will be played out.

A relationship believed to be the key to unlocking a power strong enough to end the world maybe the key to lock the evil lurking away from humanity.