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SAM Top Ten 

Who are 10 of your favorite Authors/Poets?

No particular order beside Mrs. Anne Rice is my all time favorite.

1. Anne Rice

2. Rumi

3. Kerouac

4. Christine Feehan

5. Charles Bukowski

6. Chuck Palahniuk

7. Sherrilyn Kenyon

8. Dan Brown

9. George R.R. Martin

10. Alan Ginsberg

What are 10 weird things about you? 

1. If one door or drawer is open, I must check all doors and drawers in the house to make sure they are all closed.

2. I love alpha sprouts (that I can never seem to find now) on my bagels

3. I cannot relax if there is a mess around me and even if I am extremely sick, I will manage to straighten my area before settling down to watch the Flintstones and the Jetsons re runs

4. I love BIG BANG THEORY and have a crush on Sheldon.

5. I am more attracted to Vince Vaughan than Brad Pitt

6. I love the Smurfs and have a hidden collection of them in my closet

7. I am freaked out by ground meat

8. I love brownies but hate chocolate cake

9. I prefer a snowstorm to the beach

10. I have over fifteen pairs of pajamas and still wantin moreā€¦ I DO NOT wear them in public and they are all very cute but they are my favorite thing to put on once I get home from a long day.

What are 10 of your favorite things?

1. Books, I love being surrounded by my book collection

2. Italian Food

3. Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan

4. Tulips

5. Good Chocolate

6. The Mountains

7. Fall is my favorite time of year.

8. Rainy Sundays

9. Thanksgiving. I love this holiday because it is just about friends, family, and food. Making it my favorite holiday no stress of gifts or holiday parties just food and loved ones.

10. Poetry